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Welcome to Centennial Plaza. It is our intention to provide all visitors to Centennial Plaza with an enjoyable and safe entertainment venue. Centennial Plaza is Private Property. These Rules Of Conduct are in effect at all times. Persons violating the Rules, or any of the City of Oxnard Codes or Ordinances, will be asked to leave Centennial Plaza. Those who continue to violate these Rules will be subject to permanent dismissal from Centennial Plaza, or arrest. 

The following activities are strictly enforced and are prohibited in Centennial Plaza.

• Physically or verbally threatening any person, loitering, annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities, unnecessary staring or stalking, or in any other way creating a disturbance which is disruptive or dangerous to others or the business activities or the events at Centennial Plaza including, without limitation, the use of sexually explicit language, obscene gestures, or racial, religious or ethnic slurs.

• Possession of any instrument, article or device that in a manner in which it is used is readily capable of causing physical injury. This includes, without limitation, any folding or fixed blade knife with a blade length in excess of two inches, metal knuckles, clubs, clubbing or slugging devices or any kind, stun guns, chemical dispensing devices, firearms of any kind, and explosive devices of any kind including fireworks.

• Any assembly whether lawful or unlawful that disrupts the harmonious environment at Centennial Plaza, or disrupts any authorized assembly of patrons of Centennial Plaza. Sitting anywhere not specifically designed for seating.

• Wearing any offensive clothing or apparel likely to provoke an unfavorable response, disturbance or open conflict by any person or group. This includes failure to be fully clothed, or wearing apparel that disguises, obscures or conceals the face including, without limitation, costumes, hoods, or masks other than those necessitated by a medical condition or worn for religious reasons.

• Loud music that interferes with the enjoyment or activities of patrons or tenants. • Defacing (e.g. graffiti) or damaging property on Centennial Plaza. Tampering with, or damage to the plantings, furniture, fixtures, or equipment on Centennial Plaza, or to the buildings.

• Photography or videotaping without the prior permission of the owner.

• Refusal to comply with lawful request, and requests determined to be reasonable by the owner or its representatives.

• Running, skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, bicycling, or otherwise obstructing or interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic or with patrons’ view of windows and displays. (City of Oxnard Ordinance No. 7-144)

• Distributing or posting advertising, or any other materials (printed or otherwise), flyers or newspapers. Political advertising on Centennial Plaza.

• Solicitations of any kind including, without limitation, money, services, or other contributions or donations without the permission of owner.

 • Littering of any kind or discarding gum in places other than a trash receptacle. Disposing of trash or food in Centennial Plaza trash receptacles from public events that occur outside of Centennial Plaza.

• Removing any items from trash receptacles located on Centennial Plaza.

 • Actions that prevent customers of Centennial Plaza tenants from enjoying their visit to Centennial Plaza including the consumption of food in Centennial Plaza generated from public events not sanctioned by Centennial Plaza such as street fairs, Plaza Park events, or car shows.

• Bringing animals on to Centennial Plaza, with the exception of Service Dogs in the company of, and trained to assist, physically challenged individuals. Any Service Dog must have an identification tag or vest and be registered with the State of California. Only legitimate Service Dogs trained to perform a task that individuals cannot do by themselves, including opening doors, alerting, guiding, or pulling a wheelchair are permitted on Centennial Plaza. Psychiatric Service or Emotional Support Dogs are not allowed on the Premises.

• Entering, littering or stepping into the water fountain, or any of the planters in Centennial Plaza.

• Moving shopping carts or other similar, wheeled baskets on to Centennial Plaza without permission of the owner or its representatives. FURTHERMORE, the owner reserves the right to remove any unattended carts or baskets on Centennial Plaza and shall not be responsible for any items or contents contained therein. Any unattended items reasonably deemed to be a health risk, a nuisance or unsightly are not allowed on Centennial Plaza, and the owner reserves the right to discard said items as necessary, and as determined solely by the owner or its representatives. The owner is not responsible for any unattended item(s).

• Consuming alcoholic beverages outside of permitted areas. Permitted areas include areas controlled by either (1) security services approved by the owner, or (2) by tenants who possess a proper license to serve alcoholic beverages. Bringing alcoholic beverages into buildings of a tenant that does not have the proper license to service alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

• Smoking or vaping at Centennial Plaza or within 25 feet of Centennial Plaza. (City of Oxnard Ordinance No. 2908).

• Centennial Plaza is closed to the public for maintenance purposes every day between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 4:30 a.m.

All backpacks, carts, handbags, or luggage of any kind may be subject to inspection by security personnel.


NO SMOKING OR VAPING is permitted on the premises

All areas of Centennial Plaza are subject to video surveillance. All backpacks, carts, handbags, or luggage of any kind are subject to inspection by security personnel. Do not leave any item(s) unattended in Centennial Plaza. The owner is not responsible for any unattended item(s).


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